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huhwhatnow asked: Hey! I noticed that you're one of the few people on tumblr who go to the SCAD Atlanta campus and I was wondering if you could tell me what it's like? I've heard that administration is shifty as hell, and if I go, I'll have to keep my eye on them, but is there anything else you can tell me? Also: do you know any other SCAD ATL bloggers I can also ask? I'm trying to get as much info as I can from students who will tell me the truth beneath all of the sparkling glamor it seems to be.


It’s really great, I’ll start off by saying that. 

The administration have a lot to deal with so, yes, you can call them shifty as hell. If you have questions for them, make sure you deliver in a timely manner because they may not get back to you in a few days. But a lot of them are really nice. The Dean of Students for instance helped me with a situation regarding attendance and he’s the reason I don’t have to retake a class. You just have to know how to talk to the administration.

In general, I think you would love the campus. We’re located in the heart of Atlanta, so EVERYTHING is in walking distance (which helped me out since I don’t have a car). Since we’re in midtown, it’s a lot calmer than other parts of Atlanta I’ve been to if you’re worried about crime or noise.

We’re made up of four campus buildings: three are in walking distance of the dorms but the other building (Ivy Hall- for writing majors) is a little farther away. SCAD Atlanta does offer a bus to that building as well as the other three even though you can walk to them in less than five minutes if you’re living in the dorms.

We have two dormitories: Spring House and ACA. Spring House is your typical dormitory except there are no communal bathrooms: each room gets their own. The building has been renovated, so starting this fall, they will provide living space for three people to a room (freshman only). ACA is an apartment style dormitory. You share a kitchen and living room with two(three?) other people while also having your own room. I believe it’s for upperclassmen only, but I know some people who have worked their way around that rule. 

I think a lot of people are born to hate food served in cafeterias, but my only complaint was the eggs. And breakfast definitely has the best food. Also, you’re allowed to stay in The Hub (cafeteria) as long as you want. I’ve even slept in there a few times. 

Which brings me to classes. If you care about sleep more than your art, ehhh rethink coming to SCAD. We see a lot of mediocre students and “The Art Institute people” who submit “The Art Institute quality work” (professors and visitors from Pixar/Disney etc hate on the Art Institute, not me) and that shit doesn’t fly. Those people (the people who want art school to be a breeze because they were good at drawing Pokemon in high school) tend to be the ones who drop out or fail by their second year.

You have to be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked and be better than you’ve ever been, because otherwise what’s the point of going to a really really expensive private art college?

So yeah, we’re a much smaller campus than the one in Savannah, but from what I’ve heard from people who have attended both campuses, SCAD Atlanta has a better sense of community, smaller class populations, and you’ll probably be able to recognize everyone you see. I’ve never been to the Savannah campus, but I have friends who loved it and friends who hated it. Most of the complaints had something to do with Savannah being a boring city. And from what I’ve heard, the entire city is basically SCAD. And well, SCAD Atlanta is in Atlanta. You can walk a few minutes from the main building and see three museums, parks, or strip clubs. Savannah is beautiful in the historical sense, but if you want the feel of an actual city life, strongly consider the Atlanta campus. 

That’s all I can think to say right now, but here are some of my friends who go/went to SCAD Atlanta that might be able to help you (hopefully they don’t mind me sharing their tumblrs):

If you need more referals, I have more friends who go to SCAD Atlanta and my friends have more friends on tumblr who go to SCAD Atlanta. Just ask! 

Also, here are some official SCAD tumblrs you can direct questions to:

There are also SCAD clubs with tumblrs that aren’t too hard to find. 

I’m answering this publicly because you aren’t the only follower I’ve had with SCAD questions. 

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